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Granville Island

Granville Island is a peninsula and shopping district in the Fairview neighbourhood of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. – exacted from Wiki. I have no idea about Granville Island before coming to Vancouver. Granville Island was near my hotel when I first arrived. I still remembered the first time when I visited Granville Island, I fell in love with the atmosphere there. Chill, relax and unwind were the best fit to describe Granville Island. I can hear people singing, eating and dating surround this little peninsula without pressure. It definitely a great place for people to chill out after long and busy weekdays.

Granville Island became our favourite place to visit. We will go there twice a week because we explored the best bagel so far in Vancouver called: Siegel’s Bagels! The bagel was mouth-watering with crispy crust and chewy crumb. We bought twelve bagels every time for our breakfast! They made my day! Please let me know if there’s delicious bagels! Feel free to comment below^^

To conclude, Granville Island was a place that we will visit again and again! Hope to explore more in there!