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Home sweet home – Richmond

Richmond, a coastal city in British Columbia, is known for its rich cultural diversity. Richmond gather a large number of immigrants from China, including Hong Kong. Therefore, the city has a nickname: “Hongcouver”.

When you walking around Richmond, you’ll immediately feel the familiar sights, sounds, and smells of Hong Kong. From the busy streets lined with shops selling everything from traditional Chinese medicine to designer handbags to the bustling night markets that come alive after dark, Richmond truly feels like a slice of Hong Kong in Canada.

We have visited to Richmond for serval times.

1. Karaoke – K-fever lounge where we sang our hearts out to our favorite tunes.

2. Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf – a charming fishing village with a picturesque waterfront. The pier is a great place to enjoy the scenic views of the marina, watch the boats come in and out, and indulge in some fresh seafood at one of the many restaurants nearby.

3. Garry Point Park – beautiful park with stunning views of the Strait of Georgia and the Gulf Islands. During our visit, we were lucky enough to catch the cherry blossoms in full bloom, which made for some truly breathtaking photos.

4. Aberdeen Centre – a shopping mall with a mix of Asian and Western shops and restaurants. We spent hours exploring the many stores and indulging in some delicious food, including dim sum and bubble tea.

Overall, our visit to Richmond was a memorable Hong Kong experience. Home sweet home 🇭🇰❤️