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Process Post #1

How to Talk to Strangers? What is your feeling when talking with a stranger?

To be honest…

When I first arrived in Vancouver, everything was new and green. Everyone can be a stranger! I have no idea on how to chat with people by using the languages I am not familiar with.

I lived with a local student when I arrived my dorm. That was my first time talking with “Stranger”. Like what Hamblin states: Once we consider a person known, our behaviour toward them changes entirely. I got some tips before greeting with stranger:

  1. Be polite: Start by greeting the person and introducing yourself. I took the first step introducing myself. Telling her where I came from, what subject I studied.
  2. Ask questions: People love to talk about themselves. Therefore, I asked about her interests, hobbies.
  3. Listen actively: Pay attention to what the other person is saying and respond accordingly. Even through I cannot catch up each sentence one by one, I still try my best to understand what people say by her gesture and emotions.
  4. The most important things: Be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. I told her my difficulties honestly which I am not fluent on English but I don’t mind to learn.

Of course, we will nervous for talking with “Stranger”. But no matter what, it will be great if you took the first step. The conversation came smooth surprisingly and we knew more about each other.

After these experiences, I have more confidence to speak out with strangers! Always try the first step and you will be surprised!