Peer Review #3

My third peer review is on Ashley’s blog called Two A.M. Thoughts. I have visited her website, https://twoamthoughts.com/, and I must say I am impressed by the overall layout and design of the site. The simplicity of the design make it visually appealing and user-friendly. It shows a big contrast compared with my blog.

As a reader, the first thing that caught my attention was the header of the website – Two A.M. Thoughts: Just a new space for my thoughts. This means that all the posts come naturally from Ashley’s thoughts. As a reader, I enjoyed walking through Ashley’s mind and getting to know her daily life through her
words. While it’s not common to see a blog without pictures, Ashley’s words gave readers the opportunity to use their imagination. We can feel her attitudes through each word.

I appreciate the content of Ashley’s website, which is focused on personal growth and self-improvement. The articles are insightful and thought-provoking, providing valuable information to readers. The content is well-researched, and the tone is conversational, making it easy to understand and relate to. It reminded me a blog from Marvist, using simple language, writers can make their content more accessible and easier to understand for a wider range of readers. the use of simple language also makes the content more engaging and encourages readers to stay on the site longer. When content is easy to understand, readers are more likely to continue reading and exploring the site, which can lead to increased engagement and a more positive user experience.

Applies to Ashley’s website, I believe that she has done an excellent job of using simple and accessible language in her posts. The language is clear, concise, and easy to understand, which makes the content more accessible to a wider range of readers. This accessibility is important because it allows readers to connect with the author’s ideas and experiences on a deeper level.

One more thing to mention is that I really like the way Ashley illustrates definitions. In her post ‘ChatGPT and the Classroom: Are You In or Are You Out?’, she inserted a video showing the definition of Artificial Intelligence. It can enhance her writing and engage the readers in new and exciting ways.

Overall, I believe that Ashley website, is well-designed and offers valuable content to its intended audience. The simplistic design and insightful content make it a great resource for personal growth and self-improvement. Keep up the good work!


Marvist Digital Marketing. (2015, August 18). Benefits of Writing Articles in Simple Language. Marvist Digital Marketing Blog. http://www.marvist.com/blog/benefits-writing-articles-simple-language/