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Process Post #3

New to my page?

Let me show you where can you find my posts and assignments!

First step: You can see my logo on the top of the website. I took the Netflix drama – Emily in Paris as a reference for my website. As my situation is similar to Emily who stepped into a new country and lived in a new environment.

Second steps: You can click Home for all my posts and assignments. The About session illustrated some of my photos in Vancouver! It was still in process, please stay tune!

Third steps: You can use Search function to search any keywords of my post (i.e. The right hand corridor near Travel button). By clicking Posiel, Food, Lifestyle and Travel, you can view different types of contents!

The left hand corridor near About button, you can access to Accessibility Tools. You can enjoy different reading preferences by one click.

Forth steps: You can check my latest post below the header of my website. You can select any categories you want next to my post. You can revise any posts anytime!

Last steps: You can check the widget next to my posts, like calendar and my favourite Spotify playlist. You can listen to music while reading my posts.