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Process Post# 6

For me, a well-managed website depends on how the writer selects their format, design, and contents. Words can speak volumes when we can illustrate the image in the reader’s mind. Therefore, the first impression can determine how the reader engages with your website. To publish my website, I tried to identify its objectives. Knowing the objectives helped me select the right format, design, and contents. I want my readers to understand my content clearly, and instead of using fancy designs, I want people to feel my website is like my diary. It can shorten the distance between me and the reader.

Design theory is an important factor in shaping my experience of the publication design of a text. Elements such as layout, typography, color, and images used in the text can impact how I interact with the content and my overall perception of it. I used a white background for the overall theme to enhance the reader’s experience. I also try to insert photos to help my reader understand my experiences.

Interaction design is another critical factor that can shape my experience of a text, especially in digital formats. Interaction design involves creating user interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use, allowing me to interact with the text’s content in meaningful ways. Putting a comment box and a playlist on Spotify are my ways to enhance the reader’s engagement with the text and make it more enjoyable to read.