My first ski in Vancouver

I believed most people here are familiar with skiing, snowboarding, snow, etc..

It was my first time going to snow mountain and skiing!!!! In Hong Kong, we won’t have snow even in winter. I only experience ice skating in Hong Kong where it was located in a shopping mall haha (check below) So it was a challenge for me to learn how to ski!

Skating place in Hong Kong shopping mall

We applied for SFU Residence and Housing Whistler’s trip on 4th Feb. We took a long bus ride there but it’s worth it!

After lunch, we went ahead for our ski lesson! We took the tram to Whistler mountain. I was impressed and shocked by this wonderful view. It was so unrealistic to see different snow mountains right there. We chose to ski this time cause skiing is much easier to learn compared with snowboarding.

To conclude,

I will say it’s SO FUN to ski!!! The skiing was exciting and relaxing! I can’t wait for the next ski time!

Fyi: That’s me who carried tons of ski equipment!!

It was HEAVY and EXHAUSTED!!! But I do enjoy it 🙂